Friday, 19 September 2014

Math of the Ice Bucket Challenge

Today in class we looked at the following problem:

Different groups made different assumptions, but generally we decided that each person challenged three others and each had 24 hours to respond. 

In groups, students considered the problem and then responded using ClassFlow (they can write their responses using a pen tool or typing). At the front of the classroom we could project different group responses and discuss them (similar to a digital bansho). Here is one groups work: 

Our work today resulted in a few big "take home" ideas: 
  • math is a language and tool to use for solving problems 
  • when we have a broader mathematical knowledge, we have more "tools" in our toolbox. That allows us to find easier ways to solve problems. For example, this problem could be modelled using exponents if we knew how. If we didn't, we could use multiplication. 
  • exponents/powers are a great way to simplify repeated multiplication 
  • inverse operations are opposite operations 
  • how to use square root operation 

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