Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Life in Uganda

We've started reading War Brothers in class. It is a story about teenagers in Uganda who get abducted by a group of rebels and forced to fight as Child Soldiers. It is going to be a very difficult topic to work through.

Our first activity is to research Uganda. Students are posing a question about Uganda and researching the answer. They are practicing the skill of evaluating websites (to ensure they are good sources of information) and co-creating a Google presentation about Uganda.

So far, questions include:

  • What is Krest? (a type of soda mentioned in the book that students want to know more about it)
  • What type of food do they eat in Uganda?
  • What type of sports do they play in Uganda? 
  • What is traditional clothing in Uganda? 
  • What is the most popular religion in Uganda?
  • Is there racism in Uganda? (the book has parts where children say "white man, white man", which prompted this discussion)
  • What to people do for fun in Uganda? 
  • What do people do to earn money (work) in Uganda? 
  • Where do they go to school in Uganda? 
  • What are village buildings made out of in Uganda? 
  • What is the population of Uganda?
  • What does Uganada "look like"? (geography)
Do you have any questions about Uganda to add  to our collection? 

Our spark activity (which today was a walk/run) ended up going a little longer than anticipated because it was so nice out and we have some great runners in class! We will complete our Uganda presentation soon and share it here. 

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