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Welcome to Digital Learning Strategies!

Welcome to your first day of Grade 9!

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I look forward to an excellent semester working with you. By the end of this course you will have further developed your learning skills and confidence as a learner. My goal is to ensure you leave this course with the feeling that you can learn anything you put your mind to, and have a set of skills to help you.

We will begin this course with some "getting to know ourselves as learners" activities while we are setting up our personal devices (laptops and tablets) to work best for you. We will use this question to guide our work;

"How can your personal device be used to support your strengths and needs as a learner?" 

This question requires an understanding of yourself as a learner, what areas you need to work on and what your strengths are. It also will include practicing some skills such as time-management, communication and planning for the future.

 Other topics or themes in this course will be:

  • Numeracy 
    • Gap Closing 
    • Multiples (lowest common multiples, factors, etc.)
    • Problem Solving Skills 
  • War Brothers (a novel or graphic novel about child soldiers)
    • Literacy
    • Global Collaborations
    • OSSLT Prep
    • Conflict Resolution 
  • Environmental Literacy 
    • Earthwatchers and deforestation in Borneo as our theme
  • Health and Well-Being
    • SPARK
    • balancing screen time and non-screen time 
  • Mind Set
  • Digital Citizenship and Literacy 
    • Netiquette
    • Safety online
    • Research Information
    • Sourcing information and media 
    • Wikipedia 
  • Genius Time
    • Here you will put the strategies and skills you develop over the semester to use to focus your learning on something that interests you.
  • My Hero project 

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